English is the language which has been able to cut across barrier lines and form friendship, alliances, relationships amongst continents, nations and races. The largest number of computer network is in English. Similarly, English is the language which is used in educational institutions, public offices, private companies, banks, business negotiation, in the field of entertainment, information technology and so on and so forth. Almost all educational, professional and scientific books are published all over the world in English, so that they become accessible to people belonging to all social strata.

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Organizing Basic to Expertise level of English Training through own branches.

Establishing Franchisee or Study centers by tie-up with local academics or academic organizations at Metro and Non metro cities.

Organizing corporate training for employees of any organization.

Certification through online assessment.

Providing distance education through online or postal media.

Organizing IELTES /XXXX training at branches or study centers

Organizing Faculty Training by Master trainer.